Welcome to The Sanctuary

August 1-4th 2019

Hart, Michigan

 The Sanctuary is a woodland safe haven created by & for the diaspora of Black, Brown, Indigenous and Native womyn, self identified Womyn/Trans in and over the LGBTQIA+ rainbow.  From all socioeconomic statuses, all sexual orientations, all political ideologies, and all levels of traditional or radical thought, we are united under the Michigan Milky-way. The Village people❤️(pun intended their) Enjoy all, some or hang in your hammock all day.  I offer a journey to your own self -care.  What does that look like for you? What do you need?  What are your interests? AM Meditation and Yoga, Writing workshops, Self-care life hack round table, Cannabis workshops.  Drum and sit by the Mother Oak or fire side.  Rejuvenate, hike, fall in love with nature and more.  365 acres and it is just for us cousin. We heal our hearts, heal our minds, heal our bodies. Your are invited to co-create this life time of connections, stories, laughter, support, healing and love.  Some of us didn’t realize how much needed a space like this, until we were actually in it.  Not intended for cisgendered males. (Love you.🦋🌻) 


About Us

The Sanctuary was founded 2016 in response to the ending of The Michigan Women's Music Festival ending.  What is different? Healing space by and centers on the experiences of Black, Brown, Indigenous and Native women, self identified Womyn and Trans in and over the LGBTQIA+ rainbow.  

The Sanctuary is where a culturally diverse village come together to share our passions and express our ideas.  I want you to feel comfortable enough to be yourself in an open and inclusive environment.

Join us and become part of our amazing community.

Both old and new we explore yoga, body movement classes, self-care workshops,  mediation, cannabis conversations and workshops in KinK (BDSM).

I encourage you to come together and share your passion and news in the No-talent Talent show and Spoken word. This is just for Us.

Together we create a comfortable and considerate environment where everyone is free to contribute and enjoy.

The Village

Healing happens when We🦋 come together.

We are a dedicated and loving  community.

Filled with each others biggest fans, we come together creating an

amazing hub from all over.

We are a SAFE space.

In the woods we have electricity (charge your phone boo) and

running water for good hot showers. 

Join us! You are an intricate part of our village. 

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We are co-creating a lifetime of connection.

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Yoga, Mediation,

Herbal Workshop's
 and Self-Care

Physical, mental and spiritual health are the focus our healing retreat. The Sanctuary's desire is to connect you with nature, our passion is to create a safe space for you to heal, laugh and grow. You can enjoy Yoga, Body Movement, Meditation and Self-care workshops.

What's Your YUM?

Welcome to The Sanctuary's Kink and BDSM space. Made for Us by Us. Here workshops are offered to teach, for you to experience, have fun and ask questions like: 

  • Can I be Poly or Bi? I'm married.

  • I wanna be spanked, am I going to hell?

  • Did I get consent?

  1. *All workshops, play parties, and scenes are for those 20+ years old and older.

  2. *All workshops, play parties and scenes are substance and alcohol free.

  3. If it's not a Hell yes, it's a no.

If you would like to volunteer for The Sanctuary please fill out the form below:


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Hart, MI, USA


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