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Karen is the Deputy Director at Kaleidoscope Youth Center in Columbus, Ohio. Ze supports KYC's Board, Executive Director, Operations, Development and Marketing, Programming, Education and Training Departments as a strategic partner and visible advocate.  Karen is passionate about the heart work of advocacy, transformative justice, empathetic leadership, education, and connection. She specializes in the arena’s of Emotional Intelligence, Implicit Bias, Gender, and Intersectionality.

Switch It Up : Exploring Intersectionality and Code Switching in the LGBTQIA+ Community


A conversation centered on exploring various racial, family and socioeconomic variables as well as gender identities, expressions, and sexual orientations in the LGBTQIA+ community and the ways these intersections influence community engagement.


Yaya’s mission in life is to heal through sweat & dance. Creating space to promote self-love, reconnecting with our Divine Power, and learning to be comfortable with our sensuality is more than just a job, it’s an endless journey for all of us. For the past several years, she has been teaching dance, fitness & yoga at various locations throughout Brooklyn NY, and Maryland. 

Learning from her mentor, Queen Hollins, Yaya was able to innerstand the connection with dance & drum & to “remember”. Being of Haitian decent, Caribbean music has always been in Yaya’s blood, as well has an unmentioned, intuitive Magick. 

One of the many classes Yaya teaches is Wukkout®! “Wukkout!® is an hour long Caribbean based dance fitness class designed by Krista Martins, to make you have fun and sweat just like you would if you were at Carnival!  Find your groove while increasing your fitness level with body sculpting "wining" techniques that give you an intense, total-body, aerobic workout to soca, calypso and chutney music.  Class begins with a warm-up which will teach you how to "juk", "wuk" and "wine" and continues into a variety of dance combinations to the latest soca music. All levels are welcome and no prior experience is necessary.” 

Love your body, love yourself, vibrate higher with Yaya. Let’s Wukkout!®


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